Park Rules and FAQs

General Rules

  • No running in the park
  • No glass or alcohol is allowed in the park
  • No smoking or e-cigarettes in the park
  • No metal allowed on the slides (buttons, chains, etc)
  • Swim attire is mandatory
  • We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items
  • No grills or BBQs
  • Only factory-sealed beverages allowed in park
  • No pets
  • No stopping, standing, or kneeling on any of the slides
  • Exit all slides and attractions quickly
  • Do not leave children unattended
  • Pregnant women are not permitted to ride slides or enter hot tubs as per Washington State Health Code
  • Children under the age of 7 are not allowed in the hot tub as per Washington State Health Law

Q: When are you open for the 2018 season?

We open the weekend of June 2nd. We are open only weekends from 10 AM-6 PM. We are open every day weather permitting, 10 AM- 6 PM starting June 23rd until September 2nd. If you are concerned about the weather and wondering if we are open, give us a call. Our voicemail is updated daily to inform customers.

Q: Can I bring in food or a cooler?

Yes, our family friendly food policy permits outside food and coolers into the park. However, we do have a couple restrictions on this rule:

  1. No glass or alcohol is allowed in the park. If you are bringing snacks from home in tupperware, make sure that it is plastic tupperware and not glass. 
  2. We do not allow any competitors food into the park. We sell general concessions food (corndogs, cheeseburgers, french fries, etc) and pizza, so foods from McDonalds, Subway, or Little Caesars for example are not permitted. 
  3. We do not allow any open beverages into the park. All beverages must be factory sealed.

Please be aware that our staff is required to check your cooler upon entry to the park. Besides these three rules, food is welcome into the park! 

Q: Do your slides have height requirements?

We do not have height requirements, however, we do have some age requirements.  

  • For our four main slides, children can ride on a parent's lap if they are scared. We do not have a specific age requirement for the four main slides.
  • For our river ride, children must be at least two years old. We have small children take a double tube with their parents, the child riding in the back, holding onto the parent like a piggy back. 
  • Children must be five to go on the black hole.
  • Children must be two years old to go on the ramp slide.
  • Customers must be 12 years old AND 100 pounds to ride the black drop. 
  • Children under 7 are NOT permitted in the hot tub as per Washington State Health Laws. 

Can I wear a life jacket on the slides?

Absolutely! We are big on safety! We also rent out life jackets in our gift shop. 

Are there lockers for valuables?

Yes, we rent out lockers in our gift shop. The cost is $5, and we will give you a key for all-day access. Bring your key back before 6:00 to get a refund of $2.

Rainy Day Policy

Our park may close early occasionally due to inclement weather or low attendance. If the Waterslides chooses to close early, an update will be posted on the home page of our website, and anyone with a reservation for that day will be notified.